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Tenants Advice Centre

Finding the home that's right for you can be quite confusing!

The tenants advice centre offers answers to some commonly asked questions as well as some helpful hints and tips to make that search a little bit easier.


Decide on a Price range

Before you can accurately search for a property, you need to know how much rent you can afford. If you are renting on your own then this will more than likely mean that you only have one annual wage or salary coming in. If you are renting as a couple, or family, it is best to add all of the wages or salaries together to see what your total annual income is.

Once you know what your full annual income is, enter it into our Recommended Rent Calculator!

It will give you a Rental Price which we recommend you use as your maximum affordable amount during your search!

Recommended Rent Calculator

Recommended Maximum Rent: £  

**Please note that the Recommended Rent Calculator is for advice purposes only and does not state that you will pass a reference check at the recommended level.

"Now You Have a Budget!"

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Work Out What You Need

When searching for a property it's important to know exactly what you need from your home so you can broaden or narrow down your search on the right property. Once you have a particular location in mind ask yourself questions like:

Do I Need:

  • Off Street Parking or Street Parking?
  • A Rear Garden or Rear Yard?
  • The property to be a Ground Floor or can it be 1st or 2nd floor?
  • The property to be terraced, semi detached or detached?
  • 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms etc?
  • The property to have E7, Oil or Gas fired central heating?
  • A New build property or a period build?
  • A Property that will accept pets?
  • to be close to transport links?
  • to be close to any particular schools, colleges or Universities?
  • to be close to specific amenities and recreational areas?

Once you have answered these basic questions, you now have an "I Need" list, use this in your search to find the right property as you now clearly know what you need!

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Create a Viewing Checklist

When you have found a property, give us a call and arrange a viewing for a convenient time so you don't have to rush. It's very important that you take your time at a viewing so you can digest the properties features and benefits. The easiest way to do this is by creating a Viewing Checklist!

In the Download section of our website you will find a Viewing Checklist Template, you can also download it by clicking the link below.

Download Viewing Checklist Template

Enter all of the information you have thought of from your "I Need" list, print it off and take it with you to the viewing. This allows you to remember exactly what you need and lets you tick, or cross the aspects of your checklist, it's that simple!

When you finish the viewing you can analyse the Viewing Checklist and see how many ticks it has. This will help your decide whether that particular property was suitable and meets your requirements.

If you have found the home that is right for you, get in touch and we will send you an application pack, or download one from the Download section of our website and call to tell us the good news!

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Tenants Q & A

1. How long is the tenancy for?

All of our tenancies last for 12 months with an option to extend at the end of this period subject to the landlords approval. If a tenancy is offered for less than 12 months it will say on our marketing and you will be advised upon an enquiry. The minimum tenancy term we can offer is 6 months.

2. Can I get out of the tenancy agreement early?

When you sign a tenancy agreement you are entering a legally binding contract. The time period expressed on the tenancy agreement is expected to be observed and you are legally liable for payments until the expressed period ends. If an unavoidable change in circumstance occurs, it is entirely at the discretion of the landlord whether a negotiation of any kind will be accepted. The sooner you advise the landlord or agent of your issue, the faster a resolution could potentially be found.

3. Does the rent include rates?

Yes. All of our properties advertised are priced for rent including rates, you will not receive a bill for rates.

4. Has the property been safety checked?

Yes. Before you move in to any of our properties, we will ensure that they have:

  • A valid EPC (energy performance certificate),
  • A valid Gas Safety Certificate (if the property benefits from gas)

We will also encourage the landlord to have the property undergo an inspection to gain:

  • A valid Electrical Installation Certificate (subject to the landlords approval)

5. Do I need to pay a deposit? When will I get it back?

Yes. To rent any of our properties you must supply a month's rent for security against damages that could be caused during the tenancy. You will be asked to pay this deposit before you move in. When it is time for you to move out, the property will be checked for damages and dependant on everything being OK, the deposit will be released back to you in full. If problems are found and repairs are needed, the cost of this will be charged to your deposit.

6. Who looks after my deposit?

If the landlord is looking after your tenancy for its duration then they will be responsible for holding and releasing your money at the end of your tenancy.

If The Lettings Company is managing your property for the duration of the tenancy then we will hold the deposit in our separate deposit account and handle its release at the end of the tenancy.

You can find out who is looking after your tenancy by checking your tenancy agreement.

7. Can I read through the tenancy agreement before I sign it?

Yes. Of Course you can, it is your right to thoroughly read any documentation you are about to sign. You may even seek independent legal advice before signing the agreement if you wish.

8. Who do I call if there are maintenance problems?

Depending on whether the landlord is looking after your tenancy or whether The Lettings Company has a management service in place for your property dictates whether you will call the landlord or ourselves. This will be detailed in your tenancy agreement.

9. Can I decorate the property if I want to?

You must ask for permission from the owner of the property before any permanent changes, internal or external are made. Permission must be requested by written letter and in most cases landlords can be pretty flexible. The term Permanent changes' covers many aspects, for example:

  • Erecting an aerial or satellite dish
  • drilling holes in the property
  • decorating of any kind
  • changing of any permanent fixtures, e.g. paving slabs, outside garages etc

This list is not exhaustive and your motto should be - "check before you do anything".

10. Can the Landlord or Letting Agent just walk into the property whenever they want?

No they cannot. It is a legal obligation that if access to the property is needed, permission from the tenant must be obtained. If permission cannot be obtained within a reasonable time period then notice must be served by written letter advising the tenants of the landlord or agents entry on a specific time and date, leaving ample time for a reply from the tenants before entry takes place.

Do you have a question that you can't see above?

Why not get in touch and we'll give you an answer right away, call us on 079 8356 7878

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